Dog Eye Colors

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Dogs can have different eye colors like brown, hazel, amber, yellow, blue, green or different in-between shades just like us. Dogs can also have different colored eyes or eyes with more than one color. Here we take a look at all the different dog eye colors and what causes them. What Determines Eye Color in … Read more

Snow Nose: Dog Nose Turning Pink

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Your dog’s nose is changing color and you try to understand what’s happening? If your dog’s nose has changed its color from black or brown to pink he might have a snow nose. We don’t know exactly why a dog’s nose is losing pigment but it’s most often linked to his coat color. What is … Read more

Dog Nose Colors

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Dogs can have black, brown, grey or lilac noses. Nose coloration can be solid or lose some of its pigment due to various reasons. Here we take a look at all the different versions of nose pigmentation in dogs. Different Nose Colors in Dogs The nose leather, nails, skin, paw pads, eye rims and nails … Read more

Blue Eyes in Dogs

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Dogs with blue eyes look very special and many of you love them because they can make a dog look very special. But are blue eyes in dogs healthy? And what causes blue eyes in dogs? Why Are Some Dog’s Eyes Blue? The eye colors in dogs range from dark brown to amber up to … Read more